Distant Healing

Distant Healing – also known as remote or nonlocal healing, is when there is an agreement by both the practitioner and patient to come together with the intention to address the body on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels by accessing the energy systems of the body.  The Institute of Noetic Science defines that “distant healing can be understood as an integral practice that brings together the healer’s capacities for holding intention, attention, and compassion in ways that may enhance the healing effect.”

At the heart of being able to effect change on the body’s energy systems is the understanding that we are all connected through the matrix of the universe.  Nonlocality is the mechanism that allows for the healing to occur. The Physics of the Universe says, “Nonlocality, suggests that universe is in fact profoundly different from our habitual understanding of it, and that the “separate” parts of the universe are actually potentially connected in an intimate and immediate way.” The healer uses intuition and intention to access information to help patients shift their energy patterns—even at a distance.